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When we see a spider in a dream we must first determine if the spider is a symbolic spider or an
actual spider and we often do this by the appearance of the spider.

When a spider is a symbol for something other than a spider, the spider's appearance will be
unusual and prominent in the dream.  The spider could be silver or have an argyle pattern on it's
back, or have any other type of appearance not found in nature.  

When a spider in your dream is foretelling a future encounter with an actual spider it will normally
look like a real spider in the dream.  In addition, noting the spider will be all the dream amounts to.  

Generally speaking, a spider is a symbol for a small injury, like sticking yourself with a pin or a very
minor burn.  Alternately, a bite by a larger animal would signify a larger injury.

The following dreams are examples of future real life situations which were prophetically foretold by
dreams in which a spider was a symbol for something other than an actual spider.

Use these examples of prophetic dreams to help interpret your dream related to spiders.  If you need
help, join our dream group by entering your email address in the box at the bottom of the page, and
then submit your dream for interpretation.


January 13, 2006 I had a dream that I was bit by a silver spider on my hand, at the base of my right
middle finger and at the base of my right ring finger. I saw a puncture at the base of each of these

I was afraid and said that I needed to go to the hospital but I didn't go.


Ten days after this dream I burned the end of my middle finger and the end of my ring finger on my
right hand on the SILVER rack in my oven.  I knew immediately that this was what the dream of the
silver spider meant.

Also, of interest to note is the overreaction to what was happening in the dream.  Our fears are often
magnified in our dream life which should be a comfort when we have a very scary dream.  


I saw a bunch of spiders in a sticky trap.  Most of the spiders in the box looked like spiders
completely except on their body, which was tan, they had black argyle triangles.  Their back had a
pattern that looked like an argyle sock patterns.  But one of the spiders was trying to reach me to
bite me.  It's body was a solid tan color but the spider's head was not like a spider's head it was a
man's head, face and all.  When it tried to bite me I sprayed it with bug killer and it fell over dead.


About two weeks later I was sewing.  I have a blue plastic box (which resembled a square sticky trap)
which I keep my needles and threader in for sewing.  As I was reaching in this box to get something,
the threader punctured my finger and stuck there.  As I looked at it to remove it, I noticed the man's
face.  The threader is metal with an image of a man's head stamped into the metal.

Square sticky trap full of spiders - plastic sewing box full of sewing stuff.

Argyle patterned spiders - sewing stuff.

Spider with man's head biting me - Metal threader with a man's head sticking my finger.


May 2, 2006

I saw a brown recluse spider. It was bigger than I expected a brown recluse spider to be.  This spider
looked very much like a normal spider instead of the weird spiders I normally see in my dreams.


October 9, 2006

Came home last night.  Happened to look in the boat that's sitting in the driveway.  There was a
spider's web over my seat.  The spider just happened to be hanging upside down, from the
underside of the spider's web, so that I could see it's stomach.

I said to my husband, "Is that a red hour glass?  Is that a black widow?"

He said, "Yup."

Learning how our mental images affect the symbols in our dreams:  While the spider I eventually saw
wasn't a brown recluse, it was a poisonous spider.  My mental picture of a poisonous spider in this
part of Texas would have been a brown recluse versus a black widow because the black widow's
territory is not supposed to extend to where I live.  However, my husband and my cleaning person
both have been bit by a brown recluse so my natural symbol of a poisonous spider would be 'brown